We utilize the most effective and comfortable treatment to keep your skin silky and smooth.

Treatment Fees

Eyebrow $18.00
Chin, Cheek or Lip Area $12.00
Bikini Line $35.00
Full Legs $80.00
Half Legs $50.00
Underarms $27.00

Men’s Back and Chest Waxing

Back $70.00 (and up)
Chest $70.00 (and up)

Before and After Waxing Treatment Care

1. Let hair grow out at least 1/4 inch. Let grow for 1 week to 10 days or more.

2. Avoid extreme heat before and after waxing (hot baths, sunbathing and etc.).

3. We cannot wax over abrasions, inflammations or open wounds.

4. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight 24 hours before and after waxing.

5. If you have a tendency toward ingrown hairs, use a loofah prior to waxing.

6. If red dots appear after waxing, they will disappear in 24-48 hours.

7. Wax a few days before leaving for vacation.

8. The first time a person waxes, there is a higher likelihood of hairs being missed; each time a person waxes, the area becomes smoother and smoother because the hairs are in a different growth cycle. We do the best job possible to remove all hairs present at the time of waxing. There will always be a few hairs missed. You will probably need to tweeze some on your own.

9. Do not wax if you are taking blood thinners, are diabetic or have phlebitis.

10. Plan on setting aside time to remove any excess wax by showering or bathing before planning on your next activity after a waxing appointment.