CoolSculpting® is a Safe FDA Cleared Non-Invasive Removal Method That Works on Stubborn Belly Fat, Back Fat, Thigh Fat, Muffin Tops & Love Handles.

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What Areas Can Be Treated With Coolsculpting?

 Double Chins  Back Fat
 Love Handles  Stomach Flab
 Stomach Pouch  Inner & Outer Thigh Fat
Flabby Triceps (Bat Wings) 

What Is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a patented revolutionary, non-invasive cooling technology created by Zeltiq. It has the capability of removing specific localized fat in body areas such as the waist or love handles, back and abdomen which are proven to be stubborn to respond to exercise and diet. Coolsculpting delivers controlled and targeted cooling effect to the body’s target areas. Using the method of fat freezing known as Cryolipolysis, this method freezes fat cells in target area of the body and the fat cells are removed from the body through natural metabolic process. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive and non-surgical liposuction alternative and tummy-tuck alternative.

What will the results be after a Coolsculpting fat freeze treatment?

The Coolsculpting by Zeltiq procedure can reduce the fat layer by 20 to 40%. Scientific testing has found an average reduction of 20%. If the patient’s treatment plan calls for an additional procedure to get rid of love handles or back fat, this will be done after two to four months, depending on the doctor’s advice. An additional 20% reduction can be experienced, resulting in a total fat loss of 40%. Final losses may be more or less, depending on the case.

What happens during the Coolsculpting procedure?

The patient and doctor first select the area(s) to be treated. For instance, if your goal is to reduce your love handles, the doctor will position the system on your side. The device then draws the bulge up between two cooling panels. The sensation is a firm tug and pull – enough of a pull to ensure the tissue will be cooled most efficiently.

Can the patient return to normal activities after the procedure?

Yes. The Coolsculpting procedure is completely non-invasive, so the patient can return to normal activities immediately. Some patients experience redness, minor bruising, tingling, or numbness in the treated area, but this is temporary.

When will the patient see results?

Patients may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after their treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after two months. But the body is still flushing fat cells, and will continue doing so for up to four months.

Are the results permanent for weight loss?

During the Coolsculpting procedure, the treated fat cells are eliminated. As long as the patient maintains his or her weight with diet and exercise, long-term results should remain stable.

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

Since the fat cells of the body are vulnerable to extremely low temperatures, the Coolsculpting technology cools down the fat above the freezing point by placing gel pads and using specialized applicator to the target area. The fat in the body then turns from liquid into a solid state which results to apoptosis, a process that causes the fat cells of the body to shrink.

How Does Coolsculpting Remove Fat Cells?

A few weeks after the Coolsculpting® Procedure has been performed, the treated fat cells are safely and gradually removed from the body by way of a natural metabolic process. It’s so safe and free from discomfort that the patient won’t notice that the fat removal process is currently in effect. As the fat cells naturally leave the body, shrinkage in the circumference of the treated area becomes noticeable.

What Happens to the Fat Cells Once They Die? How Does the Body Process Them?

The dead fat cells are broken down and digested by the immune cells in the body. The fats that are released by the dead fat cells are processed by the liver which is an organ in the body designed to perform that very function.

How Is Coolsculpting Performed?

The Coolsculpting® Procedure is performed in the doctor’s office and is commonly supervised by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.  The target area to be treated will be marked and will be covered by gel pads to keep the skin protected throughout the process. The treated area is drawn gently between the two cooling pads with the use of a specific vacuum applicator. The procedure doesn’t require pain medications or administration of anesthesia.

How Long Has Coolsculpting Been Available? How Many People Have Been Treated to Date?

Coolsculpting has been available since October 2009 in Canada, Europe and regions in Asia, with clinical studies beginning in May 2006. There have already been more than 140,000 treatments with the device worldwide.

Who is Eligible for Coolsculpting? Is There a Minimum Age?

Coolsculpting is not a weight loss solution and it is not a substitute for invasive methods such as liposuction. The ideal Coolsculpting candidate maintains a healthy weight yet struggles with bulges that do not lend themselves to easy removal through exercise or diet. They are seeking spot reduction for specific areas of fat, but are not considering a surgical procedure. Doctors will decide on a case-by-case basis whether a patient is a candidate for Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting has only been studied in healthy adults over 18 years of age, and only a doctor can decide if a patient is a candidate for the Coolsculpting® Procedure.

What Can People Expect in Terms of Fat Reduction – What is the Average Outcome?

In all Coolsculpting cases, patients will experience an undeniable reduction in fat in the area treated. However, visible results can vary based on the patients’ initial fat deposits in the area treated. In most cases the Coolsculpting® Procedure can have noticeable or undeniable result . Click here to jump down the page and view some before and after pictures

What Does Coolsculpting Feel Like?

Since the fat cells in the body are chilled, the patient feels a sensation of cold on the treated area which should slowly be unfelt as the treated area gets numb. The patient feels a sensation similar to when an ice pack is placed on the skin. As the panels go to work in the first few minutes, the patient feels a sensation of intense cold. This soon dissipates. The patient is seated comfortably or lying down during the one- to three-hour procedure. Many people spend this time reading, working on their laptop, or even taking a nap.

How Long is Each Coolsculpting Treatment?

Each treatment can last one to two hours or more depending on the size of the area to be treated. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss how long the procedure will take and how much time should be allotted for your office visit.

How Many Treatments are Necessary to Achieve Desired Results?

Fat cells are killed with every treatment. Every patient/case is different which is why it is recommended that a follow-up visit be scheduled with the doctor post-procedure to assess the cosmetic improvement and consider additional Coolsculpting to achieve greater fat reduction.

What is the Recovery Process Once You’ve Had the Coolsculpting® Procedure Done?

There is little-to-no downtime after Coolsculpting. Patients may resume normal activities on the same day as their Coolsculpting® Procedure, including work and exercise. While uncommon, a small percentage of patients may experience pain related to their treatment. Pain subsides over time.
Can Treatment Result in Nerve Damage or Permanent Numbness?

Coolsculpting is very selective in killing fat while sparing other structures. Clinical studies indicate that the Coolsculpting® Procedure does not cause any nerve damage or permanent numbness. A small number of patients may experience temporary symptoms that may include skin sensitivity, stinging and/or pain. These symptoms are temporary and will subside over time. An oral medication or topical anesthetic may be prescribed as needed.

When You Kill the Fat in One Area, What Happens to the Fat Cells in Other Areas? Do They Move Over to Compensate? If There Are Fat Deposits Throughout the Body and You Only Target That One Area, What Happens to the Rest of It?

Once the fat cells are killed from Coolsculpting, those cells are eliminated. Fat will never deposit again in the same area that was treated. So there is no risk of fat from other areas moving over to the treated area to compensate.

Can Coolsculpting Cause Any Dimpling or Uneven Skin Tone?

In clinical research, Coolsculpting was not noted to cause any change in skin tone or color and was not observed to cause any rippling or dimpling.

Is There a Higher Risk of Skin Discoloration or Other Skin Problems in Any Skin Types? For Instance, Different Ethnicities?

Physician experience with the product shows it to be safe for all skin types.

What is the Cost of Coolsculpting?

The Coolsculpting® Procedure typically costs anywhere from $750 to $1,500 depending on the patient.

Is Coolsculpting by Zeltiq Right for Me?

  • Are you within 10 to 15 pounds of your ideal body weight?
  • Do you have noticeable bulges or bumps that you would like reduced?
  • Do you want subtle, natural-looking results?
  • Do you want a procedure with little to no pain or discomfort?
  • Do you need a procedure with no downtime?
  • Do you prefer a natural process over drugs, chemicals, or surgery?

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions, contact us today to see if Coolsculpting may be right for you at (651) 482-8912

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