Geneo combines skincare technology with highly effective ingredients to help everyone achieve their skincare goals. Each facial can be customized to fit unique skincare needs with the power of the Geneo OxyPods and Geneo Serums.

Geneo OxyPods are made with 100% natural ingredients like red algae, charcoal, & vitamin C, aiming to solve each unique skin concern. Each OxyPod is formulated with targeted ingredients, delivering natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to improve your skin’s overall health and appearance.

Geneo Facial Ingredients

Geneo Serums contain a blend of active ingredients that are infused into your newly oxygenated and exfoliated skin during our ultrasound and neo-massage processes, allowing for maximum skin nourishment and hydration.

What our OxyPods and serums are made without is just as important as the nourishing ingredients that they contain. All Geneo products are dye and paraben free as well as vegan.


  • Plumps and hydrates the skin
  • Restores the skin volume
  • Renews youthful glow
  • Revitalizes dull complexions
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles
  • Firms skin and tightens pores
  • Improves skin cell production
  • Reduces appearance of pigmentation
  • Combats acne and reduces oil production


Balance Facial
Revive Facial
Illuminate Facial
Detox Facial

Before and After

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