People seeing plastic surgeons in general don’t want to spend countless hours, days or even weeks recovering from a surgical procedure or to deal with the trouble and pain of a procedure that’s proven to be a great ordeal. It’s comforting to know that there are available beauty enhancement options out there that don’t require anything more than a mere outpatient visit to the doctor. Juvederm treatment only involves an almost painless injection of a smooth gel into wrinkles which instantly results in a natural, younger looking skin. With this particular gel and procedure, the effects last longer than the conventional non-surgical methods and without the trouble of a surgery. In fact, Juvederm is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and can last up to a year, which is twice as long as other treatments for wrinkles.

Injection Specialist Lynn TaivalThe substance present in Juvederm is a derma filler made from hyaluronic sugar already produced by the human body. This seems that a foreign substance is not being introduced to the body, and with the expertise of a trained practitioner, the gel is inserted topically with precision. With this procedure, you will feel less pain, and the procedure itself takes less time. The practitioner may also apply numbing agents on the area to be treated for eliminating the stinging sensation brought about by the tiny needle.

The results of Juvederm treatment can be quickly noticed. You may look in a mirror after a couple of hours of the procedure and you’ll see that your wrinkles have gone, or significantly diminished. Because this procedure doesn’t really require sedation, you can drive your car home without a problem. One of the best things about Juvederm treatment is that it’s hard to tell that you have gone through the procedure and it typically doesn’t require recovery time, so you can keep your treatment secret between you and your doctor.


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