Open for Business Podcast: Christina Clinic

Limited Time Special: First Time Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Chin, Upper Lip or Underarms for $79.00!
Limited Time Special: Full First Time Laser Mens Back Hair Treatment for $300


Dedicated To A Higher Standard of Hair Removal & Laser Skin Systems

There are not many clinics in the Twin Cities who have been in the hair removal and skin care business as long as Christina Clinic.

We have the experience to recommend the right treatment for you and the experience to do the treatment right, using the quickest and most comfortable state of the art technology available.

Your initial appointment will begin with a personal consultation to evaluate what type of care is best for you. If a procedure isn’t right or safe for you… we’ll let you know. We’ll also take great care to answer all your questions and ensure you understand everything before we start.

Be Careful!… there are a lot of “fly by night” laser clinics in Minnesota right now because unlike other states Minnesota does not require laser clinics to be medically supervised. Christina Clinic has always been medically supervised and was even recommended by the WCCO I-Team news as a safe and reputable clinic (see video for more info).


Procedures and Treatments