About Us

Dr. Merlin Brown

Since graduating from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1990 and finishing his residency in 1993. Dr. Brown has been a medical director in the Twin Cities since 2014. He has a wealth of knowledge in aesthetic treatments & standardized protocols. Patients of Dr. Brown’s appreciate his style of communication and the fact that he is so easy to get in touch with. His patients have much better access to him as an independent doctor than they would at almost any other type of clinic. He was born in Tennessee and spent his formative years on a family farm in Wisconsin. Dr. Brown’s patients appreciate his expert and compassionate medical care, along with the fact that he thrives on building long-term relationships with them.  


Tricia Kuba, Advanced Practice Esthetician and Owner

Practicing for over 20 years, Tricia Kuba is highly respected in the medical industry for her expertise and knowledge as an Advanced Practice Esthetician. She has dedicated her career to providing high quality treatments that help people achieve their desired aesthetic goals. Tricia’s passion for skin care began at a young age and now she specializes in BBLs, ProFractional Laser, MicroLaser Peels, Cool Sculpting, Skin Pen, PRP, VI peels, Obagi peels, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Glo2 by Geneo, laser hair reduction, dermablading, capillary cauterization, electrolysis, and skin care consultations. Tricia has a special gift for customizing her treatments to meet the individual needs of each client. For over 20 years, Tricia has maintained a loyal clientele through her dedication to providing medical-based treatments and helping people achieve their desired aesthetic goals. Her passionate commitment to providing the best service for her clients is unmatched. Tricia’s expertise and knowledge in skin treatments have helped countless people achieve the confidence that comes from having healthier, more beautiful skin. Whether it is pigmentation, acne, rosacea, aging skin, or skin texture, she can come up with a plan to reach your skincare goals. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve both natural looking and visible results.


Autumn Jacobson, RN

Autumn has 24 years experience as an RN. The majority of her career was spent working in critical care
as an ER nurse; ten of those years in Level One Trauma. She then moved on to Surgical Services, where
she currently holds a position in surgical admissions and recovery while she pursues her second career in aesthetics.

Autumn’s career in aesthetics began in 2017 with certification through AMET. She has been a nurse
injector for over 6 years. She is highly trained and experienced and comes with experience in
microneedling procedures and PRP injections. She is committed to on-going training; learning cutting
edge techniques in order to help you achieve naturally beautiful results in the safest and most comfortable method possible.

Autumn has a passion for enhancing each client’s unique assets through a multi-faceted approach with
aesthetic treatments. She is committed to guiding her clients along a graceful and natural aesthetic journey.


Jordan R, Advanced Practice Esthetician

Jordan R is an Advanced Practice Esthetician with almost five years of experience providing a wide range of facial, laser hair removal, electrolysis, and CoolSculpting services. She understands the importance of customized care and strives to create tailored plans that are optimized for each individual client. Jordan has a comprehensive understanding of skin types and conditions, and is dedicated to helping her clients achieve the healthy, beautiful skin they deserve. She ensures that each treatment is both comfortable and results-driven, so her clients feel confident in their decision to choose her for their skin needs. Her dedication to her craft has earned her a reputation as one of the top estheticians in the industry. She is passionate about what she does because watching her clients look in the mirror and regain self confidence is a truly rewarding experience, whether that is by body sculpting, addressing a skin concern, or hair reduction! She is also passionate about educating herself on skin care, skin treatments, and empowering her clients to live a happy confident life. She is on a mission to make sure every client leaves feeling satisfied and happy with the results of their treatment.

Ame, Advanced Practice Esthetician
Ame, is one of our advanced practice licensed estheticians and has been at Christina Clinic for 3 months. She has been in practice for over 16 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with a specialty in East Asian skin tones. Using her expertise, Ame customizes the procedure to suit your skin type and goals, whether you have sensitive skin, aging skin, or some other need. Her expertise lies in providing customized treatments that are designed to improve the look and feel of your skin, as well as providing results you can see. Ame is committed to providing top-notch customer service, and has seen the amazing results that good skin care can bring. With each procedure, she will assess your skin beforehand and provide advice on the best ingredients and products to use, as well as any other advice you may need. 

Constance L, CCE (Certified Clinical Electrologist)

Constance L is an industry leader in the field of Permanent Hair Removal. She strives to provide her patients with the best possible care and comprehensive solutions for their hair removal needs. She prides herself on staying up to date with technological advancements in hair removal, offering her patients the most advanced treatments available, and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she uses to ensure each patient receives individualized service and quality care. Her passion for helping clients comes from her personal experience of managing polysystic ovaries (PCOS). She has always wanted to help others with unwanted hair, and has loved seeing lives changed through hair removal.  She believes in taking the time to listen to each patient’s individual needs, so that she can provide personalized solutions with minimal discomfort. With her comprehensive knowledge and expertise in permanent hair removal, she is a leader in the industry.  Constance is highly experienced in all aspects of the field, and she her passion for helping others shines through in every interaction. She looks forward to continuing to help people get the hair removal they need without any hassle or stress.

Christina Clinic MedSpa Team