Today, we’re talking about doing the bikini line with laser hair removal. We use a special laser that has a vacuum, and it takes away the sensation of the laser pulse by the vacuum. And it makes it more gentle and comfortable, and quicker.

So what we do is we do three types of bikinis. One is just a regular swimsuit bikini line, which is about two inches. And you would imagine that it would be just around the swimsuit area. Another area that we do is what we call French and with the French, we cut in a little bit more. And then we also do, thirdly, a total bikini. So people can decide what type of bikini line they would like to have.

The bikini line works fabulous because the thicker, the darker the hair, the better the result with the laser. So this type of hair responds well to laser. People typically come about every six to eight weeks, and six treatments is not unusual for this area. Each time we are removing a cycle of hair. So it’s through the process of elimination that we’re doing this treatment. People just love this treatment and are so pleased. If you have further questions, call us at Christina Clinic at (651) 482-8912. Thank you.

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