It seems like everybody is talking about BOTOX® Cosmetic, the highly effective, non-surgical procedure that can dramatically reduce your toughest wrinkle within 7 days. It’s been reported in the news, in fashion, health and beauty magazines, and on TV. Or perhaps you’ve heard about it from your friends, and you want to know more. You want the whole story before you decide if BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you.

What BOTOX® Cosmetic is.

A BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smoothes the deep, persistent lines between your brows that develop over time. One ten-minute treatment – a few tiny injections – relaxes the muscles that cause those lines to form and keeps them relaxed up to four months. BOTOX® Cosmetic has been widely tested. Now it’s approved by the FDA.

What BOTOX® Cosmetic isn’t.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is not magic. It’s medicine, the result of years of careful research and testing. Allergan’s BOTOX® Cosmetic product is the only one of its type with over 10 years of success in treating patients with a variety of conditions. With dosing specific to treat frown lines, this same product is now available as BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Is BOTOX® Cosmetic right for you?

If doing all you can to look your best is important to you, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be for you.

If reducing those tough lines between your brows would make you feel more approachable, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be for you.

For more information, please see our BOTOX® Cosmetic frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), or call us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation!

The principle of Botox treatment is very simple. Your skin is injected with the Botox treatment at strategic spots and it causes the muscles in the treated area to relax. The treatment basically makes your skin look smoother and younger. The results last for several months, and your skin will look very natural when done correctly. The Botox treatment procedure, which uses really thin needles, generally causes mild discomfort, and patients describe the feeling as a mild insect sting. After several treatment sessions, you will notice a permanent reduction of frown lines and wrinkles even long after the injection has worn off in a number of months.

Botox, an injectable beauty treatment, has been successfully used by millions of people in both genders for as long as 15 years. It has become the most common treatment for excessive frown lines, wrinkles, neck creases and foreheads. Injection Specialist Lynn TaivalIt’s worthy to note, however, that not all doctors are trained to administer Botox treatment. You need to locate an experienced professional who has been working with this treatment for a long time.

You also need to understand that aesthetic surgery procedures are often updated so make sure to find a practitioner who is currently certified to perform the procedure. Untrained professionals don’t just trigger discomfort and pain in the treated area, but they can cause real damage when the procedure is wrongly done. If you’re planning to undergo Botox treatment, choose a certified dermatologist with a highly-trained staff and has an up-to-date medical facility.


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