We use the blend method to eliminate skin lesions commonly called “broken capillaries” and “spider veins”. The medical name for these vessels is telangiectasia. Telangiectasia are small, permanently enlarged capillaries that lie in the upper dermis. We only treat the face and chest area. Telangiectases are commonly found on the nose, cheeks, lips and “V” of the neck and chest.

The blend method of electrolysis unites Direct current and High Frequency current in a single filament. The currents are applied together to block the flow of blood in the vessel. Blockage of the capillary is achieved by coagulating a small segment of the vessel. The blood is “clotted” at the treatment point. The clot blocks the flow of blood.

There are two ways the capillary heals and becomes functional again following treatment; either way the vessel becomes less visible. First, the damaged vessel and clot are permanently replaced by scar tissue; blood then flows through adjoining vessels. Secondly, a small channel, or canal, forms through the scar tissue. In that case the vessel is again functional, but smaller and less visible.

Dilated capillaries of the upper, or superficial dermis are dysfunctional. They carry blood, but are too large to nourish the skin cells effectively. When telangiectased are removed, new normal-size capillaries regrow to efficiently feed the skin.

The method we use is called the Bono-Blend method and it has shown to be an effective means for removal of facial and upper body telangiectasia, excluding vascular birthmarks such as the “port-wine” birthmark.

Efficacy of this method constitutes 100% visual elimination of the vascular lesion of a period of at least six months to one year following treatment. Most procedures require 1-5 treatments.

We offer a complimentary consultation to see if it would be effective for your particular situation.

Treatment Fees

5 – 10 minutes$50.00
11 – 29 minutes$100.00
30 minutes$150.00

For more information, see our Capillary Cauterization frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), or call today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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