Cellulite is actually not a regular fat that can be removed from the body easily by strength training or running. While toning exercises and cardiovascular workouts can improve the appearance of the cellulite, exercises can rarely get rid of it once you already have it in your body. It’s almost impossible to get rid of cellulite since it’s a persistent subcutaneous fat trapped between the skin layers which causes a dimpling effect on the skin. Because it’s trapped, it’s much harder to get rid of it than to remove other types of body fat.

Coolsculpting by Celtiq is an effective removal technique now available at Christina Clinic. This cellulite treatment is another non-invasive method of getting rid of persistent cellulite. It basically causes damage to cellulite by freezing it. The body fat is then gradually eliminated from your body, and you’ll notice a significant result in about four to six weeks. Coolsculpting cellulite treatment requires no recovery time and the procedure is painless although you can feel uncomfortable cooling sensation. This cellulite removal procedure takes only about an hour to perform but it offers a long-term effect.

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