Today, we’re talking about unwanted freckles. There are many different ways to treat them. The first way that we treat them in our office is by using the BroadBand Light. And what we’re doing is going over the face with the light to target brown spots. What we’re trying to do is attack them, so they come to the surface and let me do they become darker. And for about seven to 10 days, they flake off and they’re almost like a coffee granule. And once they come off, it leaves the skin very even toned.

This treatment is good because you don’t have a lot of downtime. You can wear a concealer over those brown spots while you’re going through that process, for the seven to 10 days. Also, they have found that doing this treatment actually makes the skin behave as if it’s more youthful. Dr. Bitar at Stanford has done studies and they found that this light actually makes the gene expression change and improve the texture of the skin as well. Another way of getting rid of brown spots is using the SkinPen. And that’s the way that we take microneedling and creating channels in the skin to dissipate those brown spots and freckles. Often people use Obagi NuDerm System products daily for 18 to 24 weeks, along with these other techniques. So if you have more questions, call Christina Clinic at (651) 482-8912. Thank you.

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