Quite often, we have people come in with disturbing age spots, and people really want to have an even tone skin. And we have some wonderful methods to treat this problem. Generally, what we do is, Forever Young treatment, using the broadband light. Using our special filter to target brown spots, we go over the entire area, and the spots become darker with the treatment. And after seven to 10 days, they flake off. They become granulated, and people are quite pleased with this treatment. They need to use sunscreen thereafter though, because they can reappear without the use of sunscreen.

Another treatment to do is a Obagi, and we have the Nu-Derm system that people use for 24 weeks. And this is amazing for attacking those brown areas. So we recommend that as well. Also, SkinPen is a good treatment for attacking age spots. With that, we are taking a microneedle and going over those specific areas, and new collagen is appearing to make the skin more clear and fresher looking. So call us at Christina Clinic at (651) 482-8912 for more questions.

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