Today, we’re talking about redness or rosacea. This is a common problem for people. They often want to have a more even tone skin.

One treatment we use is the broadband light, and what it does is target redness in the skin and dissipates tiny little vessels. It feels like a sense of warmth or like a rubber binder snapping at you very slight. People have redness for a few hours after one of these treatments, but then they’re fine.

We use a lot of different ways to treat redness. So one is that broadband light that I just talked about, another one is called capillary cauterization. And with that we use a tiny little wire to dissipate tiny capillaries and what we do is we create a slight scar tissue to stop that flow of the blood going through that capillary. There is very little downtime with that. And what we’re using is what we call the blend, where we’re using a galvanic and a thrombolysis current to cauterize that tiny vessel. It has been tremendously successful. In using the combination of these treatments are really amazing. So call us at 651-482-8912 at Christina Clinic in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Thanks.

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