This is a common problem that people present with in our clinic. There are a number of ways to deal with this issue. One important thing of course is to always use a sunscreen and we always recommend Bashi. So preventative is the number one way of treating it. The next thing we always do is use broadband light. So what we do is we go over the skin with a light that dissipates brown spots. And what happens is they temporarily turn darker and it takes about 7- 10 days, and then they flake off and it makes the skin more even toned.

Another way of treating dark spots is to use the profractional laser, which creates micro channels in the skin to lighten these spots. You can either use a laser or you can use a skin pen where you are doing micro-needling going over those spots to help them dissipate. Many different ways are used in the toolbox to get rid of brown spots and what you do every day to your skin is very important. Like the Obagi Nu-Derm system is a system where you use five different products. You have to be very vigilant every day and use it for about 18 to 24 weeks. And a combination of using these products and doing these other treatments will give you amazing results to a clear skin tone. You can call us at (651)482-8912 at Christina Clinic if you want further information.

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